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Rampello Kindergarten Storybook Parade

November 01, 2017 - Points of Pride

Rampello K-8 kindergarten students shared their storybook costumes and smiles with the staff at the Raymond O. Shelton School Administrative Center (ROSSAC).  For over an hour, the students were entertained by District science supervisors and staff, while touring the building from top to bottom.  Each department on all four floors contributed goodies to the students' tote bags until they were so full that several students could be seen dragging their bags because they were too heavy to carry. 

Little princesses, superheroes, firemen, policemen, mermaids, skeletons, good witches, Mario and Luigi, Cat Woman, even Harry Potter and Batgirl were just a few of the characters that charmed and thanked the staff as they filled their bags with glue sticks, crayons, glow sticks, sparkling rings, fruit snacks, stickers, pencils, rulers, erasers and other assorted supplies and toys. 

Four floors with steep stairwells proved to be quite a lot of work for the little storybook parade members, and the line that crossed back to Rampello at the end of the parade was much quieter than the group who had crossed earlier that morning.  Staff waved good bye as our School Security and Tampa Police made sure the entire group got back to school safe and sound, which ended a fun morning for the children and the adults!

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