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Image for Students compete in the 2nd Annual HOST Chess Nuts
300 HCPS Students Compete in the 2nd Annual HOST Chess Nuts

Students compete in the 2nd Annual HOST Chess Nuts

August 05, 2016

Nearly 300 HOST students from across the district gathered at Franklin Middle School’s Boys Preparatory Academy to compete in a no elimination chess tournament. Children of all ages hustled in and out of the auditorium and cafeteria with parents in tow ready to celebrate their accomplishments and showcase their skills in and outside of the classroom. Under the guidance of Ted McNair, a well-known local Chess Coach and owner of the Chess Nuts Society LLC, the HOST Chess Nuts tournament was a complete success.

Each participant received a Chess Nuts swag bag with a chess medal, chess piece, and a participation certificate. Students had to be enrolled in HOST during the 2015-2016 school year or enrolled in the summer HOST program to be eligible to participate. The top ten winners from each age division will receive trophies.

McNair, a Middleton High School graduate, 21-year Air Force veteran and sixth degree black belt in tang soo do, made it his mission to make a difference in the community by bringing the love of chess to kids. “These kids need some constructive, wholesome things to do and it (chess) helps with their academics, even in their social lives”, said McNair.

There’s no denying that the love for the sport has grown significantly. Anna Freidberg from Lowry Elementary commented on how amazed she was to observe kindergarteners learning the basics of chess. With the right people teaching it, anyone can learn to love and play chess.

Participation has more than quadrupled from last year where there was only 51 participants. “Chess is just booming, catching like wildfire, “exclaimed Friedberg.  At this time the program is offered district wide through a partnership with Chess Nuts Society and the after school HOST program; where students anywhere from Kindergarten to Middle School could be introduced to chess or deepen their the understanding of game.


Top ranking winners by Grade Level Division:

K-2 Students (School and Summer Site)

1st Place – Joshua Jensen – Shore/Thompson, Grade 2

2nd Place – Mauriano Quiroga – Shore/Not Applicable, Grade 4

3rd Place – Alex Conway – Lowry, Grade 3

4th Place - Robby Navares – Summerfield Crossings, Grade 3

5th Place – Arjun Babasundaram – Bryant, Grade 1

6th Place – Brayden Conrad – Colson/Lopez, Grade 3

7th Place – Lukas Garcia – Lowry, Grade 2

8th Place – Benjamin Iorio – Lowry, Grade 2

9th Place – Dekyn Stroh – Lowry, Grade 1

10th Place – Javier Cazares, TBBE/West Tampa, Grade 2


3-5 Students (School and Summer Site)

1st Place – Stephen Connelly – Lopez, Grade 5

2nd Place – Ray Cowen – Tomlin/Robinson, Grade 6

3rd Place –Christian Garcia –TBBE/West Tampa, Grade 5

4th Place –Andrew Hyppolite – Pride, Grade 4

5th Place – Clarence Mariney – Lopez, Grade 5

6th Place –William Nofsinger – Broward/Seminole, Grade 5

7th Place – Keon Snyder – Stewart/Edison, Grade 6

8th Place – Calen Sutherland – Williams/Lopez, Grade 6

9th Place – D’Angelo Godwin – Deer Park/Bryant, Grade 5

10th Place – Kyra Mackie – Deer Park/Bryant, Grade 3


6-8 Students (School and Summer Site)

1st Place – Caleb Davis – Terrace Comm. School/Pride, Grade 6

2nd Place – Richard Sun – Terrace Comm. School/Pride, Grade 6

3rd Place –Everett Burcham – Coleman/Ballast Point, Grade 6

4th Place –Nathaniel Kee – Rodgers/Mintz, Grade 6

5th Place – Connor Tsultim – Rampello K-8, Grade 7

6th Place –Adrian Avila – Rampello K-8, Grade 7

7th Place – Adriel Avils – Rampello K-8, Grade 6

8th Place – Wyatt Fannin – Barrington, Grade 6

9th Place – Tyrese Gonzalez – Orange Grove/West Tampa, Grade 6

10th Place – Nathaniel Ledford – Rodgers/Mintz, Grade 6


More about HOST (Hillsborough County Public Schools Out-of-School Time Program)

designed to assist families with a safe, supervised environment before and after school hours. Hillsborough County Public Schools works to prepare students for life by providing for the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth and development which children need in order for them to be successful.

For more information about HOST visit or follow @HCPSHOST

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