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Middleton HS Community Based Training (CBT) Program is preparing students for life.

Program offers students valuable work skills at district office

December 26, 2016

Several Exceptional Student Education (ESE) students from Middleton High School are enrolled in a series of Career Experiences courses through the Community Based Training Program (CBT), and they are receiving credit for their work on site at Raymond O. Shelton School Administrative Center (ROSSAC), the district's main office.  

Each student is paired with district personnel, ranging from custodial, to business, to culinary and logistics distribution.  According to Michelle Correll, Coordinator, ESE Instructional Support and Transition, “The goal of this program is to help each student increase and improve their employability skills in order to be better prepared for future occupational endeavors.”  

Middleton students began working on their job skills at the ROSSAC building in mid-October 2016 and they will continue throughout the 2016-2017 school year.  Garnell Wilds is the instructor, and Richard Polwah is the paraprofessional for the CBT Program at Middleton High School. Their roles are to ensure participating students are supported while learning new job skills.  MHS student Shaquita Sirmons, 20, is currently working closely with the custodial staff at ROSSAC.  She says this program is “helping me to learn how to get and keep a job.”  Eventually she wants to work in an office setting, taking care of customers and accounts. 

Tynesia Clark, Clerk in the ROSSAC mail room shared, “The CBT program allows the students to leave the school site environment and interact with different district workers in various departments, not only the one they are assigned to but throughout the building.” If you ask Oscar Howard, also 20 years old and working directly with Ms. Clark, he will tell you he just “likes to work.”  He has discovered some important things about himself through this experience. Howard said, “My vocabulary is getting better and I am learning new things every day, even how to do research.” 

The CBT program is offered to all high schools across the district. To find out more about the Community Based Training program in Hillsborough County Schools, please contact Michelle Correll at 813-273-7030, or email her at


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