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Durant Football Players Bond with Students at Nelson Elementary School

October 06, 2017

Students at Nelson Elementary did not have their typical lunch period experience when they received a surprise visit from Durant High School Football players.

Faces lit up when the football players (Casey Flouro, Cameron Myers, Nicholas Grimaldi and Kalyn Vazquez) arrived to deliver messages on the importance of working hard, getting good grades and having good behavior in order to be successful in life.

Casey Flouro (Durant wide Receiver) and Cameron Myers (Running Back and receiver) both attended Nelson Elementary, and enjoyed reminiscing as they walked the halls.

Nelson students were eager to speak with the players and share their life stories from siblings who attend Durant to extra-curricular activities they enjoy.

Head Coach Mike Gottman spoke to students about being respectful to teachers, encouraging them to go to school prepared to learn, so that they can go on to high school, graduate and become successful young men and women.

Players were humbled by the infatuation of youngsters vying for their autographs.

As the team members bonded with the young ones, they quickly learned that they are role models, and that every action they take is watched by those aspiring to be like them in the near future.

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